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Points of contact

Lupe [1]

All important contact persons for studies in Environmental Science and Technology are listed and explained here. The contact options are listed in the service boxes on the right.

Points of contact
Professorial study counseling and
Examination Board Chairperson Bachelor

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Szewzyk [2]
Examination Board Chairperson Master
Prof. Dr. Vera Susanne Rotter [3]
Student Studies Counseling
Rose Elsgaard [4]
1st internship coordinator
2nd internship coordinator
Dr. Wolfgang Frenzel [5]
Dr. Burga Braun
BaFög Officer
Dr. [6] Robert Ackermann [7]

Professorial study counseling and examination board

If you have specific questions about your studies, examination guidance or individual courses in the field of Environmental Science and Technology, the professorial study counseling can help you.

For questions regarding the recognition of completed courses and study achievements that you have completed at other universities, the Examination Board Chairperson of the master’s program is the right to contact. This is also the contact point for the approval of deadline extensions. For the bachelor's and master's degree, there are different chairpersons of the Examination Board.

Further information on the respective requirements recognition of completed courses and study achievements can be found on the websites of the chairs of the chairpersons. 

  • Information for the bachelor's degree
  • Information for the master's degree

Student Studies Counseling

The Student Studies Counseling for Environmental Science and Technology is one of the contact points for all prospective students and students that have general and specific questions about the study programs.
The Student Studies Counsellor studies Environmental Science and Technology him/herself and can pass on important information about the curriculum, the daily routine of the studies, the organization of studies and the preparation of examinations.

In addition, regular internal Newsletters [10] are informing you about student job offers, open internship positions, useful information and events such as introduction weeks and graduation ceremonies. If you have any questions about studying, check the website [11] or come to the office hours!

Internship Coordinators

Practical experiences during the studies are part of the education of the students in Environmental Science and Technology. The pre-vocational training should serve to strengthen the motivation for a practical scientific education. In addition, the non-university activity offers the opportunity to get to know typical work processes and the structures at a workplace.
It is scheduled that all students in the undergraduate program complete a basic and field specific internship (12 weeks in total) outside of university and a research internship (6 weeks) in the master’s degree outside of university.
The internship coordinators are responsible for the recognition of the internships. Further information on recognition and requirements can be found in the respective internship regulation for
bachelor’s and master’s degree.

BAföG Officer

The BAföG Office usually requires proof of sufficient study achievements after the fourth semester. This is to be determined by the BAföG officer. Students of Environmental Science and Technology contact the responsible BAföG representative and have to acquire necessary proofs of performance as well as the pre-filled BAföG form for the performance confirmation at the agreed appointment. To contact the BAföG Officer and appointment organization, send an e-mail to the address on the right.

Professorial study counseling and Examination Board Chairperson Bachelor

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Szewzyk
Environmental Microbiology
sec. BH 6-1
Room BH-N 604
030 314 73461
e-mail query [12]
Website [13]
Wed 12 - 13 Uhr

Examination Board Chairperson Master

Prof. Dr. Vera Susanne Rotter
Circular Economy and Recycling Technology
sec. Z2
Room Z 101
030 314 22619
e-mail query [14]
Website [15]

Student Studies Counseling

Rose Elsgaard
Room H 8007
030 314 25261
e-mail query [16]
Website [17]

1st internship coordinator

Dr. rer. nat. habil. Wolfgang Frenzel
Environmental Chemistry and Air Research
sec. KF3
Room KF 109
030 314 29710
e-mail query [18]
Website [19]

2nd internship coordinator

Dr. Burga Braun
Environmental Microbiology
sec. BH 6-1
Room BH-N 615
030 314 73566
e-mail query [20]
Website [21]

BaFög Officer

Dr. Robert Ackermann
Sustainable Engineering
sec. Z1
Room Z 203
030 314 24106
e-mail query [22]
Website [23]
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